......bringing hope through understanding the Grace of God freely given to all.

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Teaching the Truth of the Gospel of Grace through the finished work of Christ
Jesus at the Cross.

Our ministry is about the wonderful works that Jesus accomplished when He went to the Cross
and fulfilled what the Father sent His Son into this world to do.

To give to each and every person who will believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, a life filled with Favor
and Grace along with the promise of eternal life.

That Jesus came to give us His righteousness, His wisdom, His favor, His success, His peace, His
health, and His provisions to make us successful in every area of our lives.

To make sure that the Cross of Jesus is central in every place we minister the Word of God.

To unveil the beauty of Jesus and the truth that it is not about what we have or have not done, but
it is about what Jesus has already done for us.

To build up individuals in the knowledge of what the Cross of Jesus did for each of us.

We are committed to sharing the truth of the Gospel of Grace.